Savage Modern House - The Truro Beach Concept Home Design

The combination the energy efficient building envelope and systems with the solar array will allow the home to produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. There are a lot of bedrooms around the house and many of them have luxury water views. Aside from energy efficient appliances and water heaters lighting system is also designed to be energy efficient. A battery back-up and

Black and White Design Ideas - Apartment Design

This inspiring black and white apartment design ideas with 93 square meters area is freshly renovated and redecorated using clean color combination of simple white for its wall to give the feeling of space. This white based color can also be combined with any type of modern and minimalist furniture that you have. The black color is used for the home furniture and accessories such as fancy

Contemporary Room Design - Natural Wood Furniture

Various interesting combinations of different interior styles become more and more trendy nowadays. Many of them look very unusual but often designers create awesome solutions combining furniture items, which look incongruous at the first sight. David Stine offers very original and creative additions for contemporary room design. Products made by this designer could add a rustic touch to any room

Interior Design - Sofas and Living Rooms

Pottery Barn is a design company founded in 1949 in Manhattan and planned on their work reflecting the idea that” home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, style and quality.” We don not know much about their comfort and quality, but one thing we can say for sure: their furniture looks absolutely amazing! Perhaps it is the vintage touch or the original letters and numbers embedded in the

Wardrobe Design Ideas and Bedroom Closets

Wardrobe Design IdeasTake complete measurements. Make sure you are aware of the ceiling height and other essentials before you start construction.Take a hard look at what you would want your wardrobe to look like. Will it have a lot of shelves, racks or just doors to separate two compartments? Will it have hooks for robes and bags or plain shelves? Will it be a combination of two colors or not