Minimalist style house Sweden

Modern Home Design by Architects VisionDivision Sweden. Referred to House Sprojs. most of natural light available from this design. So, no problem living life without the Sun, especially the home made ​​by the countries in the north (or the way in the south) where winters tend to be longer than in other areas. Architect VisionDivision establish a modern minimalist home in Sweden with a wall made ​​entirely of large windows. From inside, they separate the different sections. glass acts as a structure that is outside-the-shelf solution box, can be seen. Window is denoted giant giant storage space but also provide a table for two home office space.

Modern Minimalist house must have owned one of the best window, you can ask, as long as you do not interfere with storage too much with any of it, now what are you waiting design your house like that, because it makes you feel at home dwelling that looked fresh and cool.

Hopefully useful and memorable for you to inspire occupancy as above.

Brick House Design

Brick house is situated on the border of Germany Holland Overijssel, which was designed by architect Cino Zucchi. This modern home's front façade boasts dark gray-brown bricks, while the rear façade is clad in aluminum siding. 

This modern house boasts a front facade, dark gray brown brick, while the back is clad aluminum facade. The architect's affection for asymmetry is apparent in this modern unusual design, the which balances Various volumes cube-shaped unevenly, and Quite Beautifully. Architects of the most memorable for the asymmetry seen in the modern design of this unusual, the balance between the volume of a cube-shaped uneven, The ground floor houses functional and social spaces - the kitchen, dining room, living spaces, a television room and a study. The ground floor houses the functional and social spaces - kitchen, dining room, living room, television room and study. A set of clean-lined Stairs leads up the tower, the which boasts an interior height of 3.7 meters. Cino Zucchi Architetti One set of clean-lined staircase leads to the tower, which offers an interior with a height of 3.7 meters, is very inspiring for you to be able to get the design of the Brick House.

Minimalist Home Design-Art Gallery Artistic Brazil

Artistic Minimalist Home Design - Art Gallery of Brazil. Je Casa, designed by Humberto Hermeto, located on 3160 m2 land in Nova Lima, Brazil. It was built as a multi-functional structures: entertaining space at ground level, a comfortable lounge with a bedroom at the next level and an art studio and gallery at lower levels. so that you indulge in that area, make you more obsessed by such occupancy.

Hopefully Minimalist Home Design is useful as your inspiration to build your shelter.
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Magnificent Artistic Home with an Art Gallery in Brazil.

Bedroom Room Ventilation Should Exist

you might not feel the room was hot and stuffy, it happens because the room was ventilated less or no air enters the room.

A room was hot, and the air is stuck in it, it happened because:
  1.  less or no ventilation (windows can be opened, instead of die window)
  2.  The lack of cross ventilation (cross ventilation). There are at least two windows or openings that face each other in one room.
Cross ventilation allows air to flow from inside to outside and vice versa, without having first held, in the room. Air enters from one window, will be directly channeled out by the window in front of him, and replaced with new air, and so on. Terms of cross ventilation was a window facing oblique yag (ideally), instead of a window in one lot but only 1 side only.
The size of the openings should be proportional to the area whether or not the room. Certainly require a large room openings (windows open) the greater the. Positive side of having a relatively large opening, advantageous also in terms of natural lighting from the sun, so healthy and bright room.

Feel the first sleeping room or other room that is how to use everyday? Is there any cross ventilation or whether it still feels stuffy? Having only been able to take decisions or do not want to install air conditioning.

If you want to know the forms of windows to look ahead, be as ebook about looking forward, can be found at:

Home Design for a comfortable and Beautiful villas

HNowadays it seems in urban areas already saturated will house its region and began to shift to a cool area beautiful and secluded for self soothing and refreshing in doing aktfitas. perfect solution for those of you who may be busy urban areas to build houses / villas in the hills with the concept of natural mountain resort view, With this design concept as if we are united with nature that impact on our minds relaksitas who can make things feel different when its region.

To design this resort villa a good idea to use glass element in front of the house / visible / exterior villa, so that your villa into a healthy home that is good sunlight and air circulation, so it is appropriate for you to choose the design of these villas, makes you inspired to continue work, and develop other designs that both design houses, as well as others that are related to everyday life.

the atmosphere is so calm and beauty in every corner make you feel at home to stay diarea it.

Beautify the room with indoor plants

Making room in order to remain beautiful then to complement it with plants beautify indorr. so you will not be concentrated with-that's only, then no one put indorr plants for atmosphere in the room was cool and nice eyes.

Indoor plants have many benefits of that is to make the room a more natural, fresh and make your eyes fascinated to see it. You may consider to put the plants in one room in your home. The green color of plants to treat the eye so the room becomes more alive and make some cool air. By choosing appropriate crops and the addition of other complementary, your room can be more beautiful.

in order to stay beautiful proper care then do the following things to do in treatment include:
  1.   Perform regular fertilizing because the plants only get food from the existing nutrients in the soil.
  2.   Every week or 2 weeks to remove the plant gets sun for 2 to 3 hours to keep it fresh.
  3.   Snip the leaves are withered and old
  4.   put these plants in the right place to make it look fresh and beautiful 

    Comfortable bathroom

    The bathroom is a core part of a house. because to maintain health must start with this one activity, because to maintain health and make your body become healthy. Morning activities start from this place. When we want to build or renovate bathroom is good and healthy, there are things we have to consider.

    There are aspects that must be considered in the maintenance of the bathroom, such as size, condition of the bathroom is dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security. kesemuannya is related to one another then need to be complemented by periodic cleaning of rooms. because to maintain the bathroom itu.karena kebersiahn than health better, if you keep it regularly.

    hopefully useful and inspires you to continue to maintain health at all times.

    comfortable atmosphere for the bedroom

    Your bedroom looks mediocre or even invite your appetite when you are in that room, it would not hurt you improve your bedroom for the atmosphere in your sleep soundly and feel more comfortable. then design the bedroom you according to your tastes perfection which consists of color, shape and space stuff that was in the room for making beautiful and neat.

    so that the atmosphere in the room was comfortable there should be cleaning the room with the rescheduled think the problem is not considering it. and then he was conscious of hygiene and health may be disturbed since it was never cleaned and lots of dirt and dust that fall into the room, hopefully safely charge your room clean and look neat.

    home designs for beautiful and neat

    Houses reflect the inspiration of its own for the owner. Whether you are a doctor, businessman or young executives who are busy with the routine of the day, you have a distinctive style that may be different and unique from others.

    Every day full of busy with routine tasks, the house can be a place of refuge from all the saturation, so of course Houses become unregulated beauty. therefore know how to make your home court for you and your family.

    to maintain the neatness and beauty of your home then there is a solution to make your home stay tidy, you can listen to these tips:

    1. Set aside time at the weekend to select the objects you have. About 75% of the things that we have are usually the things that we do not need. Do you need sports equipment which was dusty because it is no longer in use for 2 years?. Things that never sought in the period of 7 months is a thing that should be discarded and if anyone should want to donate.
    2. After collecting items that you really need, it's time to determine where the object iswill be stored . The trick is to categorize objects based on the user places respectively. and placed neatly so unsightly eye.
    3. Begin arranging the room for the last room in your house. Find the right places for storage. Many angles can be "transformed" into a place of storage. For example, under washtafel can be made ​​cabinet to store cleaning products, even if you order in particular, on your sofa can be made a secret storage space was quite big now your home to be neat and comfortable to live and activities every day.

    Modern Minimalist House Perspective

    Having Minimalist Modern House with a unique perspective is the pride of its own to gain comfort and beauty. Minimalist Design House spectacular, designed by architect John Sanderson and built by Martin Rowley of the Global Spaces. Building views of Port Phillip Bay every morning is to offer attractive to the location of a minimalist house designed by architect John Sanderson. A challenge of designing a new house that presents the natural environment in, but it handy to create a simple experience of life. Spectacular views to determine the main living space, including a Master Bedroom which is located at the top level, with a lower level accommodates three bedrooms, billiard room and informal living room. Architecture for add-ons such as sunscreen designed specifically chosen to assist the thermal performance of buildings in the months of summer that makes you feel at home in the room.

    Hopefully useful and inspire you to have a shelter like that.

    Minimalist Design Workspace

    comfort in the work is needed therefore is the design of your room according to the inspiration, and makes you feel at home in the ground.
    A collection of accessories personal items that adorn the wall above the desk is on simple shelves that collectively create a nice atmosphere! and good in view of the eye.

    Design of grass that are in the room that brings the atmosphere of the prairie in a private workspace to make the room more natural cool and comfortable in doing activities.

    Hopefully useful and inspire your work space.